Security and Reliability

Last updated 03 January 2024

At Manage Your eCommerce, the security of your data is our top priority. We utilise industry-leading protections across our entire infrastructure to keep your information safe.

Secure Access

  • Login requires email and password
  • Passwords are hashed and salted before encrypted storage
  • 128-bit SSL encryption between browser and servers
  • Role-based access control for data
  • Activity logging for audits

By leveraging multiple layers of access security, we ensure that only authorised users can access accounts and data.

Robust Infrastructure

  • Manage Your eCommerce is hosted on Amazon Web Services, which provides extensive scalability, security, and redundancy. It is worth noting that renowned companies like Netflix, Adobe, Airbnb, Samsung, and NASA also utilise Amazon Web Services.
  • Auto-scaling horizontally across nodes to manage growing traffic
  • Load balancing distributes requests across available servers
  • Multiple availability zones prevent downtime risk
  • CDN caches assets globally for fast content delivery

Our infrastructure is designed for high performance, uptime and security even during peaks in traffic.

Data Protection

  • Data ownership remains with you
  • Database encryption protects sensitive information
  • Hourly backups ensure no data loss
  • Data isolation, partitioning and access controls
  • Ongoing security audits and patching

Comprehensive data security policies safeguard your information at all points.

Ongoing Security

  • Regular external penetration tests
  • Pre-release code audits
  • DDoS prevention and mitigation
  • Kubernetes container orchestration
  • Automated monitoring and alerting

Our dedicated security team utilises the latest technologies to protect your data around the clock.

Dedicated Security Personnel

Our experienced security team monitors protections and threats around the clock.

  • On-call incident response personnel
  • Mandatory security awareness training
  • Responsible disclosure policy
  • Bug bounty program

With dedicated internal resources and external partnerships, we stay ahead of emerging threats.

Future-Proof Encryption

As computing power increases, encryption must keep pace to stay ahead of threats.

  • 256-bit AES encryption on stored data
  • Rotating encryption keys every 90 days
  • Quantum-resistant encryption readiness

Our encryption leaves no room for compromise as technologies continue advancing. We take every measure to keep your data safe and our system running smoothly. 

More Information

Hopefully, this has made things clearer for you. As mentioned earlier, if there is anything you are unsure about regarding the policies or terms stated here, please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected]