About Us

MYE is a user-friendly eCommerce management company offering inventory and order management, including Smart SKU mapping, for easy business operations.


About Manage Your eCommerce

Built by Sellers, for Sellers

Manage Your eCommerce was founded by experienced eCommerce sellers who struggled with the shortcomings of existing software solutions. Unable to find an all-in-one platform suited for modern multi-channel selling, we set out to build it ourselves.

Our mission is to empower online sellers to deliver exceptional customer experiences by providing a unified system to manage orders, inventory, logistics, and operations across multiple marketplaces.

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About us

As a dynamic startup, Evident BD Ltd has emerged as a pioneering force in the realm of eCommerce management solution providers. Our commitment to user-friendly solutions sets us apart, offering innovative inventory and order management solutions, including the advanced functionality of Smart SKU mapping, return tracking and seamless customer communications all in one platform. 

Manage Your eCommerce is designed, developed and maintained by Evident BD Ltd (Reg No 13017375). With a focus on delivering efficiency and ease of use, our solution Manage Your eCommerce empowers small and medium size businesses to navigate the complexities of online business operations seamlessly. Trust Manage Your eCommerce to be your partner in success as you embark on your entrepreneurial journey, providing tailored solutions to propel your business towards sustainable growth in the competitive eCommerce landscape.

Key Values

As seasoned eCommerce veterans, we built Manage Your eCommerce on key principles that guide our product ethos and company culture:

  • Reliability- Our platform is engineered for stability, uptime and seamless performance. We provide critical infrastructure sellers can count on.
  • Usability- Sophisticated technology made simple through thoughtful UX design. We enable all sellers to access advanced capabilities.
  • Support- Expert support is integral, not an upsell. Our success is aligned with our customers success.
  • Community- For us, community extends beyond customers to include partners, our local region, and the broader eCommerce ecosystem.

Our Values

  • Customer Centric
  • Simplify
  • Learn and keep curious
  • Affordable
  • Value ideas over job titles 
  • Innovation
  • Passion is our fuel to work harder
  • Together
  • Trust in each other’s developments 
  • Thriving

Investing Locally

As a startup, fostering tech and engineering talent locally is a priority. We actively collaborate with regional universities to provide student placements and workshops. Our team is also passionate about giving back to charities and organisations in our community through fundraising initiatives and events.

Join Our Mission

We’re building the all-in-one commerce operations platform for the modern online seller, forged out of our firsthand experience of the industry’s pain points. Help us redefine what’s possible.