Provides you with all the features you need to get started selling online

Our all-in-one multi-channel management solution lets you consolidate inventory, control prices, enhance listings, and much more across all selling channels.

optimize multi channel listing
Multichannel listings

Become more competitive by synchronizing your product listings across all your selling channels.

  • Optimize attributes: Custom and extended attributes can be set for certain selling channels as required.
  • Sync products: Sync product details with variations and specifics across all your listings from one single interface.
  • Bulk listings: Bulk listing across all your channels is a great way to save time and reduce human errors.
  • Product Data Management: Store your important product data such as SKUs, price, weight, size, and image information.
  • Channel Management: Manage different sales channels accordingly with the specific product catalogue.
Inventory Management

Manage your business with our inventory management system by tracking and scaling your inventory across all your channels.

  • Automate workflows:Automate your daily tasks to reduce your stress and focus on growing your business.
  • Accurate data:Inventory Management Software improves your inventory accuracy in real-time.
  • Less overhead costs: Manges your inventory without adding extra labour costs.
  • Multiple locations:Easily manage and monitor your inventory from multiple locations.
  • Insightful decisions: Complete control over your inventory to make informed decisions.
automate inventory management
multichannel order management
Order Management

All your sales channels can be seamlessly integrated into a single platform for synchronous order management.

  • Manage orders:You can view and manage all aspects of your orders from one dashboard.
  • One interface:Manage your orders in real-time using one interface and under a single platform.
  • Efficient service: Streamlines order processing, reduces operational errors, and provides better traceability.
  • Order allocations: Simple process that assigns incoming orders to key warehouse locations
  • Bulk orders: Streamline your repeating tasks in bulk to be more efficient and productive.
Manage shipment

Provide great customer service by shipping and fulfilling orders faster and with fewer errors by managing your shipments.

  • No manual entries: Generate shipping labels automatically for each order in advance to reduce manual tasks.
  • Good impression: Faster fulfilment can improve customer experience and generate more sales.
  • Positive review: Ship your orders fast, you'll reduce customer frustration and increase the likelihood of positive reviews.
  • Sort orders: Sort your orders into groups by picking locations to improve warehouse efficiency.
  • Monitor shipments: Order monitoring allows you to check the delivery status of your dispatched items.
shipment management
realtime reports
Real-time reports

Get full visibility of your business data across key selling channels to effectively manage performance and plan for business growth.

  • One dashboard: The built-in sales dashboard provides you a full view of your sales pipeline and activities across all selling channels
  • Track information: Track progress and success with key metrics across multiple selling channels.
  • Gain insights: Gain real-time visibility into your inventory, orders, and shipping performance.
  • Real-time reporting: Real-time reports summarize sales volume, refunds, purchasing, and stock value.
  • Custom reports: Build custom reports comparing performance across all your channel selling process.